After Beagle was diagnosed with cancer that could not be operated on, the owners are facing a £10,000 charge.


After Beagle was diagnosed with cancer that could not be operated on, the owners are facing a £10,000 charge.

After their Beagle was diagnosed with lymphoma, the owners are facing a bill of at least £10,000.

Since then, a crowdfunder has been established in an attempt to raise funds for the necessary treatment.

Effie, who is eight years old, has cancer in her lymph nodes, which is extremely difficult to cure in dogs because it cannot be operated on, therefore she is being treated by a specialist oncologist.

Maya Gilbert, 27, was working on a yacht just outside of Liverpool city centre when her partner Mark Delaney called to inform her of the news.

“I was very upset,” she told TeamDogs. I felt so helpless.

“I adopted Effie four and a half years ago from Spain. When I first saw her picture, I said to myself, “Oh my God, I have to have her.” It was fated to happen.

“I was going through the worst phase of my life at the time. She was a tad on the light side. She inspired me to keep going.” Maya left her work two months early to be with Effie, and the beagle began chemotherapy just a few days later.

When Maya and Mark returned two weeks after Effie’s first diagnosis, the dog had already deteriorated to the point where they were afraid for her safety.

“I arrived back on Sunday, and for the next three days, we thought she may die,” Maya explained. She simply lacked vitality. She wasn’t eating or drinking anything. We were just trying to get her through until she could see the specialist.” While veterinarians can give chemotherapy, they do not have the same expertise in cancer as an oncologist, who can experiment with alternative treatments and react swiftly if something goes wrong.

“She was literally back to normal the day after she received the treatment,” Maya added. It has such a rapid impact on one’s quality of life.” Effie is now on a 25-week plan to regain her health, and she is required to take four different types of medications, each of which has a different effect on her.

“The first and second weeks were extremely fantastic, and then she had three horrible days after that,” Maya continued, “but she’s perked up a little bit lately.”

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