After Andrea Tate’s murder, people predicted Meena’s demise on Emmerdale.


After Andrea Tate’s murder, people predicted Meena’s demise on Emmerdale.

After tonight’s episode, Emmerdale viewers anticipated Meena Jutla’s demise.

The long-running drama continues to explore the ramifications from Super Soap Week on Wednesday’s episode.

Andrea Tate was killed in the dramatic maze fire while attempting to flee the wicked Meena’s grasp.

In the most recent episode, authorities acknowledged that Andrea’s death was being treated as a murder and proceeded to investigate.

In tonight’s episode, the officer questioned Meena, and Emmerdale viewers believed that she would blame Priya, who is currently healing from her injuries in hospital.

Paige Sandhu’s character, on the other hand, astonished everyone when she decided to frame Kim Tate for the crime.

Meena claimed she witnessed Andrea and Kim fighting and that Andrea threatened to file a restraining order against her.

Kim endangered Andrea’s life, according to Emmerdale’s resident villain, who warned: ‘You’ll need more than a restraining order to protect you.’

At the end of the episode, the police officer fell for Meena’s narrative and mistakenly detained Kim Tate.

On the program, Claire King’s character has a reputation for being someone who shouldn’t be messed with, and fans of the show flocked to Twitter to say that making an enemy of Kim would lead to Meena’s demise.

“Think accusing Kim could be her doom,” one commenter said. Nobody is able to beat Kim.” “Meena trying to take on Kim – that can only go one way!!” said another. And it won’t be Meena who does it!!!” “Kim is so much better than Meena,” said a third. “Meena’s toying with the wrong woman, framing Kim Tate for something she didn’t commit,” a fourth added. She’ll undoubtedly be aware of it.”


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