After an assistant athletic director made a “racist” joke, a high school baseball star transfers.


After an assistant athletic director made a “racist” joke, a high school baseball star transfers.

After a “racist” statement from one of the school’s assistant sports directors on Friday, a high school baseball player in New York state is moving schools.

Tony Humphrey, a top baseball player at Iona Preparatory School in New Rochelle, announced that he will be transferring to the public high school closest to his home to continue his education and athletic career.

According to the junior, his decision was based on a back-and-forth with an Iona Prep staff member. Humphrey, who was also a member of the school’s track team, had been approached by the administrator, who had questioned why he would run track in addition to baseball.

Humphrey told WPIX-TV that he assured the administrator that “gaining speed never hurts.”

The man, though, allegedly told Humphrey that he was already fast enough and had “gained that speed by fleeing the cops.”

“That was a racist statement.” Humphrey said, “There was no reason for him to say that.”

Humphrey and his family opted to shift schools after the incident because he didn’t “feel like I had to stay at a program where they’re going to look at me differently, or feel uncomfortable at a place I have to go to Monday through Friday.”

Humphrey went on to say that this was not the first time he had received such treatment at Iona Prep.

“During my freshman year, there were more incidences of racism,” he claimed. “I went to the dean, I went to the higher-ups, and nothing happened to the other student,” she says. Other enraged students staged a walkout Tuesday afternoon to protest the associate sports director’s behavior. The gathering was reportedly attended by dozens of Iona Preparatory students.

Iona Prep, a private Catholic school managed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, refused to comment on the incident through a spokesperson.

However, school president Brother Thomas R. Leto sent a letter to parents and kids informing them that the staff member who made the racist remark had resigned.

“Behavior that Iona Preparatory does not condone for its students and will not accept from its instructors and staff,” Leto said of the man’s activities.

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