After an altercation, a woman ‘keyed’ the faces of her mother and daughter.


After an altercation, a woman ‘keyed’ the faces of her mother and daughter.

After exchanging insults, an enraged woman “keyed” a mother and daughter on a Liverpool street.

Victoria Power, Louise Darcy’s first victim, did not get along with her, Liverpool Crown Court heard today.

She hit Victoria Power in the face while carrying a key between her fingers after a verbal exchange near Darcy’s home in Anfield.

Anne-Marie Power, the injured woman’s mother, raced to the scene and recognized Darcy, 46, and questioned what she had done to her daughter.

“She (Darcy) then ran towards Anne-Marie and punched her in the mouth,” prosecutor Frank Dillon said.

Darcy had a key between her fingers when she struck her, according to the court, and both ladies were injured.

Mr Dillon went on to argue that Darcy’s two victims asked two neighboring PCSOs to call the cops, but that it took several months for the defendant to be apprehended.

She refuted the charges when questioned. Victoria, who suffers from a variety of health issues, including depression and anxiety, stated in an impact statement that the incident exacerbated her anxiety.

“She also feels unsafe because the defendant’s home address is close by,” Mr Dillon said.

On April 24, 2019, Darcy, of Vallance Road, Anfield, pleaded guilty to common assault on the two women.

She had two previous convictions in 2017 for racially aggravated offenses, according to the court.

Judge Simon Driver determined there was a reasonable hope of rehabilitation after reading a pre-sentence assessment and sentenced her to eight months in prison, suspended for two years.

He also ordered her to participate in 30 days of rehabilitation activities and to stay away from the two victims for the next five years.


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