After a walk, the owner discovers the puppy ‘bleeding from its eyes’ and it dies.


After a walk, the owner discovers the puppy ‘bleeding from its eyes’ and it dies.

After her puppy died days after being taken for a walk, a dog owner was left sad.

When Chloe Smith’s dog Sasha became gravely ill last week, she described it as “something out of a horror flick.”

Chloe said the 11-month-old Pocket Bulldog started bleeding from her eyes and vomiting up her guts in a matter of days.

She was sent to the clinic for treatment, but on Monday, November 22nd, she had to be put down.

The Washington Newsday quoted Chloe from Ellesmere Port as saying: “She started sleeping more and wasn’t getting out of bed as much as she used to. She continued to eat and drink.

“She stopped eating one day, so I took her to the vet, who stated she’s coming into season and that she’s not showing any severe symptoms.”

The puppy’s condition quickly deteriorated over the next 24 hours, and she began vomiting and bleeding from her bottom.

Chloe said she was told the dog had been poisoned with a “heavy amount of rat poison” after returning to the clinic.

The mother of two suspects the puppy was poisoned on a field near the M53 in Ellesmere Port’s Westminster district, where she used to walk her every day.

Chloe stated, “We went to see her and found her with blood in her eyes.

“She couldn’t even stand up at that point, having gone from tired to bleeding from her eyes in less than 48 hours.

“It was the first time the vet had ever seen something like it. Her intestines were spewing vomit and she was trembling – it was like something out of a horror movie.

“[The vet] stated that they had never seen a dog with such a severe level of poisoning.

“It’s just a kind of heartbreak I’ve never known before. Everyone has been shattered by it.” Chloe has published her story in order to warn other dog owners and prevent this from occurring to anybody else.

Chloe stated, “If you notice any indicators or your dog is acting strangely, even if it isn’t something serious, seek medical assistance.

“If your dogs are off leash, please keep an eye on them and don’t just let them run around like dogs.”


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