After a UEFA court judgement, Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid have given Liverpool hope.


After a UEFA court judgement, Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid have given Liverpool hope.

After a judicial judgment, Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid are clinging to their hopes of forming a European Super League.

The Swiss Justice Ministry informed both the UEFA and FIFA governing bodies on Monday that they are unable to take punitive action against the three clubs that have refused to abandon their plans for a breakaway competition, despite UEFA and FIFA threatening them with severe sanctions if they do not abandon their plans.

The verdict will be considered as a major victory for the three clubs, who have contended that UEFA has a monopoly on competition, and it will strengthen their position on the Super League, which rose and collapsed in 48 hours in April.

The three clubs are still hoping to persuade the nine clubs who dropped out of the ideas following a barrage of criticism from fans and the football community to rejoin the project, which they maintain is for the greater good of the game.

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Liverpool was one of the first 12 ‘founding clubs’ to join the Super League, with primary owner John W. Henry signing the deal.

With the support of €3.25 billion from US investment giant JP Morgan, clubs had planned to get up to €300 million as a welcome bonus. It was this infusion of cash that had piqued the interest of several clubs, most notably Barcelona and Real Madrid, both of which are laden with massive debt, much of it due in the near future. Barcelona has had to take out a €500 million loan to help fund the club and meet its looming debt obligations.

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