After a tumultuous GMB argument, Kerry Katona’s OnlyFans subscriptions have soared.


After a tumultuous GMB argument, Kerry Katona’s OnlyFans subscriptions have soared.

Kerry Katona revealed that following her fierce debate on Good Morning Britain last week, subscriptions to her OnlyFans account have skyrocketed.

After the conversation between Kerry and Real Housewives star Tessa Hartmann turned heated, Richard Madeley was compelled to intervene.

When Tessa accused Kerry of having her children capture her naked images for her filthy online account, Kerry became enraged.

The temperature is sweltering at 36 degrees Celsius. Next month, a European heatwave is expected to reach Liverpool.

The video of the brawl went viral, and it appears that the fallout has only helped her financial account, according to Mirror Online.

Kerry claims that her statistics on the naughty site skyrocketed after the exchange.

She claimed in her New! column that she had won the debate with Tessa, but there appear to be no bitter feelings between them.

Kerry stated, “I couldn’t believe the cheap hit she took at me regarding the kids, but I quickly shut her down.

“I’m sure she’s ashamed about it, but I’m grateful she promoted my OnlyFans account. It’s presently at an all-time high!

“I believe she was aware that she was losing the debate and was at a loss for words. I wish her the best of luck.”

Mum-of-five Kerry came on GMB to explore if New Look’s padded bikinis for youngsters aged 9 to 15 were “sexualizing” them.

But things quickly became heated as Tessa insisted that the padded bikinis were a good thing for a “body conscious young teenage girl”.

She said: “There are a lot of things out there that are bad influences like these social media sites like OnlyFans.

“When we talk about covering up the modesty of a nine-year-old who is a bit self-conscious jumping in the pool, getting wet with – dare I say – nipples showing, then actually I think it’s a really good thing for a young, body conscious teenage girl. And the whole point is choice.”

Kerry cackled as she exclaimed “wow!” as Tessa continued to talk and went on to interrupt.

Kerry said: “First of all, sorry to interrupt, OnlyFans is over-18. No one is actually putting that to a nine-year-old child. And second of all, when I go on holiday to a resort with my children. Summary ends.


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