After a tree falls on her car as she drives near a school, a woman ‘throws up in shock.’


After a tree falls on her car as she drives near a school, a woman ‘throws up in shock.’

After a tree fell on her car while she was driving, a woman was left shivering and in a “absolute state of shock.”

Around 5 p.m. on Monday, the woman, who preferred anonymity, was driving down Warrington Road in Rainhill when she noticed a tree on the opposite side of the road begin to fall.

Despite conducting an emergency stop, the driver informed the ECHO that she was unable to stop in time to prevent the tree from crashing onto her car, causing damage and scrapes to one side as well as the bonnet and roof.

The situation was addressed by ambulances and police, and the road was closed until later that evening.

The woman said she was not hurt but was left “shaking” by the occurrence and thanked her neighbors for coming out of their homes to assist her.

“I was just driving down the road right past the primary school and heading towards the secondary school,” she told the ECHO.

“It was around 5 p.m., and I could see a tree poised to collapse a few meters in front of me.” I instantly started my emergency stop procedure, but I couldn’t stop in time because it was only a few meters away.

“It was a beautiful day, and there was no wind, so I wasn’t anticipating a tree to fall.”

“As soon as the tree fell on me, neighbors came out from across the street to offer me assistance and call all of the emergency services.” Everyone came out to see whether I was okay, which was quite wonderful.

“I was in a condition of complete astonishment.” I was trembling and vomiting in the ambulance, which was terrifying.

“I was quite fortunate that there were individuals nearby who came to my aid. They were just fantastic. I’d want to emphasize how wonderful our local community is in Rainhill.”

The driver stated she has recovered, but she is still afraid to drive down the same section of road, and she advised people to “be on their alert.”

If it had been, she knew it could have been a disastrous situation. The summary comes to a close.


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