After a tragic diagnosis, a father of nine loses his leg.


After a tragic diagnosis, a father of nine loses his leg.

After getting a life-changing diagnosis, a father of nine lost his leg.

After being diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year, David Lawrence, 57, from Leasowe, Wirral, is now confined to a wheelchair.

His partner Diane Mathews, 49, told The Washington Newsday that he originally had two toes amputated to try to stop an infection from spreading.

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“It all started with a toe infection, so they had to remove two of his toes at first,” she explained.

“Then, on Father’s Day, of all days, they told him they couldn’t save his foot – it was such a shock,” she says.

“They operated on him on Monday (June 21), and he had his leg amputated below the knee.”

“He is still in a bit of discomfort, but he is dealing well,” Diane said, adding that it had been a significant upheaval in their lives.

“He’s had to entirely adjust his diet; no sugar, and he’s now absolutely insulin-dependent.

“And now he has to use a wheelchair, which has been a tremendous change.”

Diane and David had nine adult children and fourteen grandkids to keep them occupied during the arduous transition to a new way of life, but Diane desperately required a wheelchair ramp for their home.

“I discovered one on a website and they let us have it for free – it’s been very helpful in getting my wheelchair in and out of the house,” she explained.

“However, we wanted the railings installed so David could do it himself, to prevent him from rolling off the side of the ramp, and to relieve the strain on my back.”

On Friday, July 23, Diane’s son arrived at their home to discover that their garden railings had been stolen.

“It must have been early in the morning, and it appears like they tried to take the ramp as well, so I’m not sure if they were disturbed,” she said.

“But who would do such a thing?” How cold-blooded do you have to be to steal a wheelchair ramp’s railings?

“We told the cops about it, but we.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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