After a terrible phone call, Mum realized she was living with a paedophile.


After a terrible phone call, Mum realized she was living with a paedophile.

The discovery that her spouse was a convicted child sex offender shocked a mother of two.

After Andrew Edgson departed from her life and she learned he was in prison, the woman contacted the police in April of this year.

She admitted to them that she had been in a relationship with him for 18 months and had no idea why he was in prison.

After a £100,000 court case, anyone with a Ring doorbell camera could face sanctions.

Recorder David Knifton, QC, who sentenced Edgson, 38, to a year in prison, said: “The police informed her, to her complete horror and sorrow, that you had been convicted and punished for serious sexual acts upon a minor.”

“She revealed that you had been living with her and her children between the date of your conviction – which she was unaware of – and the date of your imprisonment – which she was oblivious of.”

According to the evidence presented at Liverpool Crown Court, he began dating the woman in 2019 and the relationship progressed to the point where he moved into her Bootle house.

He ‘disappeared’ in December of last year, but he called her from prison a few days later, stating he was in a police station “sorting something out.”

“You again misled her about your whereabouts and the circumstances of your incarceration,” the judge stated.

“She was shocked to learn that you had been convicted of a severe sexual offense that you hadn’t told her about, and she plainly believed, with some justification, that the only reason you hadn’t told her about it was to keep your connection with her and her children going.”

“Your failure to inform her of the genuine situation caused her to be frightened and distressed. She has considered relocating because you are aware of her and her children’s current residence.

“She feels completely betrayed by someone she describes as dangerously manipulative,” says the narrator.

“You flagrantly breached the registration procedure from the outset,” Recorder Knifton told him.

Edgson, of no permanent address but previously of Huyton, pleaded guilty to violating the Sexual Offences Act’s registration requirements.

According to prosecutor Chris Taylor, Edgson was sentenced to 14 months in prison in December 2020 for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in early 2019.

In accordance with the terms. “The summary has come to an end.”


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