After a squabble with the owner, luxury hotel managers go on a vengeance rampage.


After a squabble with the owner, luxury hotel managers go on a vengeance rampage.

After the owner of a luxury hotel and wedding venue reversed a decision to fire the chef, the staff sought vengeance.

Samantha Willett, 36, and Diana Reynolds, 41, worked at the Hillbark Hotel in Frankby for eight to twelve months as operational managers.

Tensions between employees reached a head after Willett fired the hotel’s cook, only for the owner, Lisa Baker, to reinstate him, according to the court.

On his way home from the pub, his son allegedly murdered his father.

Staff were then captured on camera walking the hotel in two groups: those who supported the decision and those who did not.

Willett stated she fled the premises and “clipped” the owner’s car, while Reynolds was observed slapping another employee and spewing verbal abuse.

“These offences took place against the backdrop of a great degree of internal dispute between the proprietor and other staff members of Hillbark Hotel and Spa Resort,” prosecutor Damian Nolan said.

There had been “no concerns” until Willett fired the chef, he claimed.

“The owner intervened and reinstated him claiming procedural issues,” Mr Nolan said.

The owner informed Willett of her decision on October 5, causing a split between the workers and management.

“Matters then degenerated very swiftly throughout the evening from approximately 8pm onwards,” Mr Nolan added.

On CCTV, two sets of employees are seen “traveling about the hotel separately.”

He alleged “multiple bottles of spirits” worth between £250 and £300 were stolen.

“They were abducted purposefully, the Crown claims, as retaliation for the ‘wrong’ done to them,” Mr Nolan said.

According to him, the things were placed in a car boot, then Samantha Willett “deliberately” drove into the owner’s vehicle, inflicting damage.

“Groups moving around the hotel periodically coming across each other,” Mr Nolan claimed, adding that “various threatening words were made.”

He stated that the accused, particularly Reynolds, were “clearly acting aggressively.”

Reynolds was caught on camera “swinging and punching at staff members,” and she slapped or punched fellow employee Ratko Ivekovic in the face.

There was also the “ripping of phone systems” and “destroying computers,” according to Mr. Nolan.

Willett has past convictions for theft and breach of contract. “The summary has come to an end.”


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