After a squabble over pay, a domestic help kidnaps a 3-year-old and flees with the child.


After a squabble over pay, a domestic help kidnaps a 3-year-old and flees with the child.

Following an altercation over her income, a domestic assistant was jailed for kidnapping her employer’s 3-year-old daughter, demanding money, and leaving with the child.

The 23-year-old mother is said to have escaped with her infant from Delhi, India’s capital, to Alwar, a city in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, around 70 miles distant. According to Hindustan Times, the child was freed three hours after being kidnapped, and the offender, whose identity has not been released, was caught on Monday.

Officers said the guy kidnapped the girl on Monday afternoon while her mother was at work. The woman then allegedly called the child’s mother and demanded $560 (INR 42,000) in exchange for the child’s safe return. She allegedly threatened to kill both the baby and herself if the ransom was not received in her bank account.

A senior investigating officer informed Hindustan Times, “The complainant told us that she had chastised the domestic help in the morning for not doing housekeeping tasks properly.”

After the incident, the suspect was said to be furious and had a disagreement with the child’s mother over her wages. According to authorities, the woman’s mother threatened to fire her when she demanded a wage hike, according to The Indian Express.

Surveillance cameras in the neighborhood where the girl kid lived with her mother were inspected, and footage of the suspect leaving the house with her was discovered. Later, while riding in a bus, the police rescued the girl from Alwar.

A case of kidnapping for ransom has been filed against the suspect by the police.

A one-month-old boy was reportedly taken from Uttar Pradesh in northern India earlier this month. The child’s aunt pretended to be a health worker and paid a visit to the home under the guise of vaccination the child. The woman then kidnapped the boy and departed in her car. The infant was later rescued by the authorities, who also detained the woman and her husband. The childless couple allegedly premeditated the kidnapping because they were eager for a child, according to the authorities.


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