After a series of gunfire, a meat cleaver and an e-bike were seized in a 24-hour raid.


After a series of gunfire, a meat cleaver and an e-bike were seized in a 24-hour raid.

Following a string of shootings in the region, a guy was caught during a police operation in Huyton.

Shots were fired on Woolfall Crescent early Sunday morning, followed by another gunshot in Reeds Road at 7 p.m., in which a man was targeted in the street. Although shots were fired at a nearby house with children inside, no one was injured.

Two figures on a bike were seen on CCTV released by police earlier this week. At roughly 7 p.m., the two can be seen bicycling down Reeds Road, both clad in black. Officers want to talk with both guys because they believe they may have important information about the Reeds Road incident.

Images from a gang raid are shocking.

During a check of open area off Waterpark Drive yesterday (Thursday), police discovered a loaded firearm.

The weapon was discovered during a day of activity in the region intended to deter crime and comfort residents.

More information regarding the incident was revealed by the police today.

After a car attempted to elude officers, a 40-year-old man was detained on charges of possessing a section 5 firearm and possessing a bladed object.

Police stopped the vehicle on Hillside Road, and during the search, they discovered a lock knife and a can of CS incapacitant spray.

A meat cleaver was discovered during a search of open area on Seth Powell Way.

On Hatfield Gardens, a guy fled from cops, leaving behind a Sur-Ron electric bike that had been suspected of being stolen and impounded.

Inspector Dave Harrison said “These days of action are effective and I hope show the public that we will do everything in our power to proactively protect our Huyton communities.

“Recently, we have experienced a number of shootings which have left the public feeling scared for their safety. This is completely inappropriate. Our communities deserve to feel protected and able to wander the streets knowing that there isn’t someone carrying a gun nearby.

“The people using guns are really stupid – these are lethal weapons that can land you in prison for a long long time. Storing them is also so dangerous; it was only this week that we recovered a loaded gun. Summary ends.


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