After a row, the wife stabs her husband in the chest.


After a row, the wife stabs her husband in the chest.

After an argument, a wife stabbed her husband in the chest.

In May of this year, Natalie Worgan stabbed Russell Worgan in the chest at their Birkenhead home.

After a judge heard of Mr Worgan’s history of domestic violence against his wife, she was let out of court.

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At 8 p.m. on May 4, an ambulance was dispatched to the scene of a stabbing, according to prosecutor Sarah Badrawy of Liverpool Crown Court.

She claimed Worgan, 35, and her husband were both inebriated at the time of the altercation.

Mr Worgan assumed his wife had punched him in the chest, but when he looked down, he saw her go for a knife.

Ms Badrawy stated that he was stabbed in the left side of his chest, but that there was neither medical proof or a victim personal statement.

Worgan was taken into prison while severely inebriated and disturbed after the ambulance service contacted police.

Worgan told police his husband had beaten her, according to Ms Badawry, adding that he has a battery record and has violated a domestic violence protection order.

Worgan has a past conviction for violence against her spouse, according to Ms Badawry.

Worgan had pleaded guilty to the crime and expressed regret, according to her lawyer, Ian Whitehurst.

Mr Whitehurst described her as “upset” and “hysterical” since her children are currently in foster care.

He claims she has been in prison for over a month and suffers from “complex mental health issues involving an anxiety problem.”

Worgan was assaulted when she was burgled, according to Mr Whitehurst, and she has also been the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband.

He continued, “slowly but surely trying to get herself back together.” She is now on medication to limit her craving for booze, and is “slowly but surely trying to get herself back together.”

Worgan stated in a probation report that she wished to “restart that relationship,” to which Mr Whitehurst responded that she “knows the mix of alcohol and that relationship isn’t beneficial for her, her husband, or society generally.”

Worgan, of Tranmere’s Harrowby Road, confessed to one count of unlawful wounding.

The judge stated that he did not know the nature of the injury but that he was aware of it. “The summary has come to an end.”


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