After a patron falls down the stairs, a Liverpool bar jokes that “we are back.”


After a patron falls down the stairs, a Liverpool bar jokes that “we are back.”

After a patron went down the stairs, Liverpool club Baa Bar joked, “We are back!!”

On a typical night out in Liverpool, tripping or falling down the stairs at some of the city’s most popular bars and clubs was almost a rite of passage, but nightlife was suspended in the aftermath of the coronavius outbreak.

On July 19, the country returned to normalcy as the final restrictions were lifted, with nightclubs reopening at midnight. People waited in line for their first night out dancing since the outbreak began.

Popworld has reopened with a major facelift that includes new VIP booths.

The epidemic has had a significant impact on the hospitality industry, with some independent stores, enterprises, restaurants, and other establishments permanently closing as a result.

People were eager to get out for a night on the town after more than a year of social isolation, face masks, and limitations to prevent the spread of the deadly illness.

Liverpool is known for its nightlife, and bars, clubs, and pubs that had been deserted for months are now hosting the stereotypical night out shenanigans we’ve all missed.

Baa Bar on Fleet Street used Twitter to make a witty remark on the long-awaited return to normalcy.

“Someone just fell down the stairs,” the venue tweeted to its 10,000 followers. We’ve returned!!”

The victim was not hurt in the fall, according to Baa Bar.

The tweet earned over 2,600 likes, and individuals responded in the comments area with their ideas.

“I think we ought to return just so I can fall down them again,” Jennie remarked, tagging a friend.

“Nature heals,” Kiera replied, “glad it isn’t only me.”

“You’ve got to start your first night back out with a bang, haven’t you?” Liv asked.

“I can’t wait to somersault down them,” Anna said.

“Nature is healing, hehehe,” Alexandra said.

“Yay!!!” Tina exclaimed.


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