After a pandemic forced her partner to stop working, a mother of five is unable to feed her family.


After a pandemic forced her partner to stop working, a mother of five is unable to feed her family.

When her partner’s job was lost due to the epidemic, a mother of five was unable to feed her family.

Kate, from Knowsley, is one of the first recipients of the local council’s new £2.5 million hardship fund, and she says she “dreads to think” what might have happened if it hadn’t been established after her family fell through the holes in the Covid support system.

“Basically, it saved us because after we paid the rent and expenses, there was nothing left to pay for food or anything like that,” she explained.

Kate’s family, like many others, was forced to rely on Universal Credit because coronavirus limitations prevented her self-employed spouse from working. They were also struck by the benefit limits, leaving them with barely enough money to pay their rent.

With seven people to feed and little help for self-employed persons, the family turned to the Swanside Community Centre, which Kate described as “amazing.”

“The time and work they’ve put in to help everyone through this,” she remarked. They’ve fed a lot of people.”

However, after a year of struggling, the community centre connected Kate with council leader Graham Morgan, who directed her to Knowsley Council’s new hardship fund.

The £2.5 million fund, which was established in April, is intended to assist residents in the borough who are struggling as a result of the pandemic.

Kate was able to secure a discretionary housing payment through the hardship fund, which provided her with enough money to feed her family after she had paid her rent and expenses.

“I fear to imagine what would have occurred if we didn’t have the hardship fund or the community center,” she said. We’re really fortunate to be so close to that community center, and Graham [Morgan] has been fantastic.

“He inquired about our progress and whether there was anything else they could do for us.”

Following the pandemic, Knowsley is one of the few local authorities in the UK to be able to set up its own hardship fund, whereas many others have struggled financially.

The fund can also make discretionary housing payments. The summary comes to a close.


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