After a morning walk, a stranger arrives at his residence, leaving him stunned.


After a morning walk, a stranger arrives at his residence, leaving him stunned.

After a stranger showed up at his residence on his return from a walk, a guy stated he was left “somewhat in shock.”

The man, who later posted about the incident on Facebook, said he had gone for a walk along the Rock Ferry esplanade on September 19 and had lost his belongings without realizing it.

He didn’t hear a knock at his front door until 20 minutes later, when he returned home, and noticed a young man standing there with his possessions in tow.

“Can’t believe what occurred to me this morning down at the refreshment rooms,” he wrote.

“I went for a walk along the esplanade, and 20 minutes later there was a tap at the door from a young guy who had discovered my phone on a bench at the end of the esplanade.

“He looked up my address on my bus pass and returned my phone, bus pass, and bank card!! I couldn’t believe I’d left it there, and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude. I was a little taken aback!”

The man stated that he now wishes to locate the man in order to properly thank him for his act of generosity.

“After he left, I went back out with a few of bob for him to have a couple of beers, but he was gone,” the man continued.

“Please contact me if you know who this adorable young kid is. Thanks… There are some decent individuals in the world!!!!”

The post received over 180 likes and 50 comments, with people expressing their gratitude for the thoughtful gesture and hoping to identify the young man.

“Stories like those revive your trust in today’s youth,” one man said.

“Exemplary behavior from that young lad,” says the narrator.

“I love this!” one person exclaimed. In our community, we surely have some of the best.”


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