After a man ‘hacks’ a woman’s dog camera, pet owners have been cautioned.


After a man ‘hacks’ a woman’s dog camera, pet owners have been cautioned.

After a stranger allegedly managed to hack her dog camera, one woman took to social media to share her experience with it.

When she heard a man’s voice say “hello gorgeous” through her Furbo, the pet owner described it as the “scariest moment” of her life.

Angela Cuniberti had been using the camera for the previous five years to keep an eye on her pets when she wasn’t at home, and had had no problems with it until recently.

She stated, ” “As many of you know, I have two dogs, and while I’m gone, I like to check in on them during the day to see how they’re doing.

“Until tonight, I’d never had any issues with Furbo. I was coming out of the shower and walking down the hallway between the dog room and my bedroom in my towel when I heard a man say, “hello lovely.”

“My dogs were barking like crazy, and my heart was pumping with panic!! I was glancing around the room, fearing someone was in my house, until I noticed a red light on in the dog room.” Angela went on to explain that the red light on the camera showed that it was recording. As she got closer to the device, she could hear the unknown man start to giggle, she said.

‘Shuddering with terror,’ she dashed to the outlet, disconnected it, and dialed 911.

The corporation responded by stating that they take security very seriously and that the man most likely hacked into Angela’s WIFI.

Angela’s post has already gone viral, with over 21,000 shares and nearly 10,000 comments, indicating that she isn’t the only pet owner with similar fears.

“This has happened to me before!!!” said one person.

“I definitely won’t be getting one of them now,” one person added.

A third person stated: “They aren’t well-protected, to be sure. Viewing the feed takes only 5 minutes. It’s all messed up.”


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