After a major reshuffle, the Conservatives may gain a second Merseyside MP.


After a major reshuffle, the Conservatives may gain a second Merseyside MP.

Despite substantial changes in the political landscape, the Conservatives may be in course to gain another seat in our region.

Labour now holds all but one of Merseyside’s seats, with Damien Moore representing the Conservatives in Southport.

The Boundary Commission, on the other hand, has proposed a slew of revisions to constituencies around the country in order to make each seat as voter-sized as possible.

Wirral is the site of the two most significant changes in our region as a result of this.

Margaret Greenwood, a Labour MP who has represented Wirral West since taking over from former Tory MP Esther McVey in 2015, is poised to lose her seat as a result of the boundary review.

According to research conducted for the New Statesman, if people vote the same way they did in the last general election (when Labour’s national performance was the poorest since 1935), the Tories will win Wirral West.

Ms Greenwood enjoyed a 3,003-vote advantage in the last election, but it would be wiped out due to two big amendments.

To begin, the Upton ward would be divided in half along the A5027’s southern border.

The northern part of the ward, which includes Upton, would be removed from Wirral West and added to the Wallasey constituency, while the rest of the ward would remain intact.

Wirral West would keep the southern half of the ward, which includes Woodchurch, but Heswall and Clatterbridge, both of which have Conservative councillors, would be added.

Another important aspect of the boundary alterations is the reduction of Wirral’s MPs from four to three.

Birkenhead, Wallasey, and Wirral West will be the remaining Wirral-only constituencies.

Wirral South, Alison McGovern’s seat, would be abolished, and its wards would be added to other seats.

Unless she is chosen to run for another seat, this could force her out of the Commons.

As said previously, the Wirral South wards of Heswall and Clatterbridge will join Wirral West, while Bebington enters the Birkenhead constituency.

Bromborough and Eastham would join wards in Cheshire West and Chester to become part of the Ellesmere Port constituency.

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