After a lawmaker brought an infant to debate, the UK Parliament banned babies from the chambers.


After a lawmaker brought an infant to debate, the UK Parliament banned babies from the chambers.

According to the Associated Press, the UK Parliament is being requested to amend its rules after a legislator brought her three-month-old kid to a debate.

Stella Creasy, a Labour Party MP, shared an email she received from the House of Commons, which stated that children were not permitted in Parliament. “Apparently Parliament has established a law that prevents me from speaking in chamber with my well-behaved, 3-month-old sleeping baby,” she wrote, noting that despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, mask mandates have yet to be imposed.

“It appears that mothers in the mother of all legislatures are not to be seen or heard,” she continued.

In September 2021, the regulation mentioned in the email was discreetly implemented. Members of Parliament “should not take…seat in the Chamber while accompanied by a youngster,” according to the email addressed to Creasy. Despite this, a number of MPs have come out in support of Creasy, who has previously attended debates with both her newborn boy and older daughter. The ban on children has been called “absurd” by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, and House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has asked for a committee review of the provision.

“It is critical that parents of infants and small children be allowed to actively engage in the work of this House,” he remarked.

According to the BBC, a House of Commons spokesperson stated that members of Parliament (MPs) must be able to carry out their elected duties properly. They could speak with the Speaker, deputy Speakers, clerks, and doorkeepers if they had any questions or reservations about the requirements.

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The regulation, according to Creasy, thwarts efforts to make politics more family-friendly.

“There are impediments to getting mothers interested in politics,” she told the BBC, “and I believe that this harms our political dialogue.”

In recent years, the British Parliament, which was once known for its drunken, macho attitude and late-night hours, has transformed. One of the building’s many bars has been turned into a nursery for politicians’ and staff members’ children.

Lawmakers are entitled to maternity leave, but most may only take a few weeks off because they do not have someone to replace their work while they are away.

“Far less disruptive than many braying backbenchers,” Lucas added.

Hoyle made a note of it. This is a condensed version of the information.


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