After a knock at the door, Mum dashes out into the street.


After a knock at the door, Mum dashes out into the street.

When her son fell unconscious, a Merseyside mother thanked the wonderful neighbors and strangers who rushed to his side.

Patrick Jones, 10, was out playing with his pals near his home on Sunday, September 12 at around 5.30pm when he fell off his bike and banged his head on the sidewalk on Warrington Road, St Helens.

Patrick, from Rainhill, was knocked unconscious and found bleeding from the head as others rushed to his aid and dialed an ambulance.

Mum Yvonne Jones, 39, was cooking a Sunday roast at home when a stranger knocked and ordered her to “come as quickly as she could.”

“He goes out quite a bit on his bike, it’s peaceful on our road and within that remit,” Yvonne told The Washington Newsday.

“I told him he could ride out on his bike since I was making a roast dinner at the time, and within ten minutes, this lady came hammering on the door.

“She was panting and out of breath when she asked, ‘Has your son have a green bike?’ She didn’t know if he’d been hit by a car or had simply fallen over.

“You never know what you’re going to find on the road when someone comes to your house and says they don’t know if your son has been hit by a car. She only kept asking, “Come as soon as you can.”

The woman stated that an ambulance had been dispatched, and Yvonne went over to Patrick’s aid.

“There was just blood all over the curb,” Yvonne added. It was a Sunday, and it was raining. I wouldn’t have let him out if it had been raining, but it had been, and the ground was wet.

“He has no recollection of what happened. He stated that he had just awoken and that people were staring at him and asking if he was all right.”

Yvonne was advised that an ambulance would take several hours, so she drove him to Whiston Hospital’s A&E department. Nurses informed Patrick he was “very very lucky” that he had only badly scraped his head after a six-hour wait.

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