After a guilty conviction, the murderer makes a two-finger ‘peace’ sign.


After a guilty conviction, the murderer makes a two-finger ‘peace’ sign.

A man was convicted guilty of murder today after battering his partner to death and then claiming she caused the injuries herself.

Kevin Ashton allegedly caused 121 separate exterior injuries to Helen Joy, a mother of three, before going to buy marijuana, according to prosecutors.

He left her on a mattress, holding a brown squirrel cuddly toy, a bottle of Frosty Jack’s cider, and a photo of her former pet dog.

Ashton, 45, has denied murder, claiming that he kissed Ms Joy on the head to say goodbye and then discovered her dead the next morning.

He said the 54-year-old had been hallucinating and hitting her head on a wall at their flat in Leasowe, Wirral, and had repeatedly fallen over.

Jurors learned, however, that he had previously been convicted of common assault against Ms Joy in 2015, 2018, and 2019.

Following a five-day trial at Liverpool Crown Court, they unanimously found him guilty of murder after only two hours and 23 minutes of deliberation.

When the guilty judgment was announced, members of Ms Joy’s family sobbed with relief and held one other.

Ashton was emotionless, his hearing aid headphones clutched to his ears.

When his punishment was postponed, he strutted out of the dock and gave his mother and sister a two-finger ‘peace’ sign.

Ashton allegedly left the couple’s flat in Twickenham Drive on the morning of February 1 this year and drove to Widnes, according to the trial.

He told his father, Barry Ashton, “Helen is dead,” but claimed he hadn’t reported it until his father did “the proper thing” and phoned the cops.

Officers pushed their way into the couple’s flat and discovered Ms Joy’s body, which was covered in bruising on her neck and head.

Her head and upper gum were sheared away from her skull and jaw, respectively, and she had a bleed on the brain, shattered nose and neck bones, 14 broken ribs, and a hemorrhage on the brain.

Prosecutor David McLachlan, QC, said: “Kevin Ashton had actually battered Helen Joy to death. In today’s dock, the man who shakes his head.” “Summary ends,” he added, adding that the pair were alcoholics and that neighbors routinely heard them fighting at each other.


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