After a fight, Love Island viewers believe Chloe will dump Toby for Tyler.


After a fight, Love Island viewers believe Chloe will dump Toby for Tyler.

After her squabble with current boyfriend Toby Aromolaran, Love Island viewers believe Chloe Burrows will pair up with new boy Tyler Cruickshank.

teamed up In Wednesday’s episode, Chloe and Toby had a falling out when he was chatting with new girl Abigail Rawlings and Chloe claimed Toby had ignored her all morning.

In Thursday’s episode, though, there will be a new disagreement.

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Toby approaches Chloe for a conversation after seeking guidance from his fellow islanders.

“It’s up to you how you want to move,” Chloe explains. I’m sorry, but I don’t have much to say to you. If you were that interested in me, it should have been turned off, but that wasn’t the case. In front of me, you’re connecting arms. The obnoxious flirting That is inconsiderate. Do any of the other boys seem to be doing the same thing? Toby, it’s now laughable.”

Toby, on the other hand, informs Chloe that she is overthinking things, but Chloe responds that he is being disrespectful.

Toby is subsequently informed that he has ‘failed’ the test by Chloe.

Hugo Hammond later takes Chloe’s side and tells Toby, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, that’s what she’s saying.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to speculate that Chloe will pursue Tyler.

“If Chloe and Toby break up, I have a feeling she’ll go after Tyler,” one Twitter user speculated. This #LoveIsland cannot be tolerated by the Kaz girls.”

“The way Chloe and Toby are arguing,” one person said. I’m sure she’ll dump him and relocate to Tyler #LoveIsland.”

“Chloe must keep clear of Tyler queen Kaz all the way #LoveIsland,” a third said on Twitter.

Because there will be a surprise recoupling, Toby is faced with a major dilemma.


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