After a disabled woman was humiliated, Home Bargains launched an investigation.


After a disabled woman was humiliated, Home Bargains launched an investigation.

A disabled lady claims she was humiliated by workers while shopping at Home Bargains, prompting the company to initiate an investigation.

Dianna Slade, who has a mobility disability, was visiting the retailer’s Bidston Moss store late last month when her symptoms became worse.

After struggling to retain her balance while scooping up car mats she’d dropped mid-aisle down a worker’s back, the trembling 37-year-old alleges she was mocked by “cruel” colleagues.

After being teased by Home Bargains employees, a disabled woman is in tears.

She alleges she overheard a male staff member say “it’s a bit early to be drinking, isn’t it?” as she proceeded to the check-out, already embarrassed by her tearful struggle. Then there are the “heartless giggles.”

Dianna, who uses crutches to get around because she has Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), said the “cruel” remark exacerbated her symptoms and made her feel “worthless” as she shuffled back to her brother’s car.

Following Dianna’s allegations, Home Bargains announced that an investigation into the incident has been initiated.

“We are committed to treating all of our customers with respect and do not allow discrimination of any type inside our business,” a spokesman for Home Bargains stated.

“We take such complaints very seriously and are undertaking a careful and thorough internal review into what has occurred.”

“I’m disabled, not drunk,” Dianna, from Meols, Wirral, explained. My heart was broken. I was crying and feeling embarrassed.

“What had happened up to that point had been horrible enough, but that only humiliated me further. It was callous and uncalled for to say so to someone who was visibly crippled or struggling, as I was.

“It was b****y and unnecessary, and it hurt my feelings tremendously. People may think I’m a freak, but this is my reality right now.

“I could sense an onset of exhaustion coming over me before it happened, so I felt quite shaky and my body began to twitch. Knowing my body, I know it’s time to take a break.

“I picked up these vehicle mats because they were on sale, but they dropped to the floor in the aisle and flopped onto the back of one of the staff members due to my shakiness.

“It was me.”

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