After a contentious GOP rally, Glenn Youngkin says the campaign “isn’t about the past.”


After a contentious GOP rally, Glenn Youngkin says the campaign “isn’t about the past.”

Glenn Youngkin, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, delivered a statement on Thursday afternoon condemning a controversial GOP event staged Wednesday evening, which his Democratic opponent and Virginia’s current governor both denounced.

Although Youngkin, a Republican, was not present at the gathering, former President Donald Trump called in to express his support for Youngkin’s campaign. The event has been criticized for Trump’s remarks to guests concerning largely proven concerns of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, as well as the circumstances surrounding the Pledge of Allegiance as it was repeated near the start.

The event’s hosts brought onstage an American flag that they said was present at Trump’s January 6 rally in Washington, D.C., before the pledge began. D.C. Youngkin stated in his statement that he “had no role in yesterday night’s event,” but that he learned about it from “many people in the media.” “Pledgeing loyalty to a flag associated with January 6 is strange and inappropriate,” Youngkin added. “The violence that occurred on January 6 was terrible and wrong, as I have mentioned many times before.” Youngkin’s remarks then moved to target Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running against him for governor of Virginia, for receiving the abortion-rights group NARAL’s endorsement over the summer. Youngkin, who has the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List’s endorsement, referred to NARAL as a “radical group,” citing its past statements in support of police defunding. Before shifting back to focusing on Wednesday’s event, he said McAuliffe “has to come out and say NARAL is incorrect.”

“My campaign is about the future and bringing everyone – Republicans, Independents, and Democrats – together around my vision for a Virginia that is safer, stronger, and less divisive, with the best schools, law enforcement, and economy,” Youngkin said. “McAuliffe wants to discuss the past because he believes the election is slipping away from him, and he would say anything to win. Because he doesn’t have a constructive vision for Virginia, that’s all he can do.” Youngkin’s campaign cited Youngkin’s previous remarks about the January 6 incident at the United States Capitol Building. This is a condensed version of the information.


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