After a boat launched from France capsizes in the English Channel, 31 migrants perish.


After a boat launched from France capsizes in the English Channel, 31 migrants perish.

The “worst disaster” concerning immigration in the crossing occurred when a boat carrying migrants headed for Britain overturned in the English Channel.

The boat, which had set sail from France, was carrying 34 people when it capsized during the perilous voyage. According to the Associated Press, bodies of both slain victims and injured survivors were discovered floating in the ocean by a French naval ship. 31 people have died thus far, two have survived, and one passenger remains unaccounted for.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin paid a visit to the survivors in a Calais hospital, while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the tragedy as “shocking, outraged, and extremely saddening.” According to the Associated Press, Johnson has called a crisis committee meeting to figure out what to do next.

The English Channel is regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous ocean crossings, as well as a popular migration route recommended by traffickers. This year, more than 25,700 persons crossed the English Channel, more than three times the total for the entire year of 2020. However, not everyone is able to reach British shores; in recent weeks, officials have rescued thousands of immigrants in rescue efforts.

“How many more individuals must perish trying to reach safety in the UK due to the appalling lack of secure transportation options?” Amnesty International U.K.’s Tom Davies said as much. He is the organization’s campaign manager for refugee and migrant rights.

“A new strategy to asylum is sorely needed,” he continued, “including true Anglo-French efforts to create safe refugee pathways to prevent such tragedies from occurring again.”

The identities and nationalities of the passengers on board are unknown.

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On Wednesday evening, a joint French-British search for survivors was still underway.

While the incident was the worst day in the channel to date, Darmanin pointed to other deadly incidents in the past and slammed “criminal traffickers” for forcing thousands of people to risk their lives crossing.

Both governments have long been at odds over how to prevent the increasingly perilous migrant crossings, with each side accusing the other of failing to do enough.

A French helicopter and a French patrol boat joined three French patrol boats. This is a condensed version of the information.


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