After a ‘angel’ Morrisons employee changes her son’s life, his mother is dumbfounded.


After a ‘angel’ Morrisons employee changes her son’s life, his mother is dumbfounded.

An “angel” went out of her way to assist a mother in Morrisons, leaving her speechless.

Emma Catterall, 33, has tried to find foods safe for her son Roman to eat without having an adverse reaction since he was born.

Roman will be two years old soon, but his entire existence has consisted of numerous hospital visits to test his reaction to various diets.

His allergies prevent him from eating a wide range of foods, including some vegetables, gluten, wheat, soya, and a slew of other components found in practically every grocery item, according to Lancs Live.

This makes it especially difficult for Emma to find suitable snacks and treats for Roman, so when she discovered that he could eat Morrisons’ ‘Free From’ cakes, she went out to get some.

Emma turned to a member of staff at the Morrisons supermarket in Leyland after months of searching for the cakes or similar substitutes, who swiftly came to the mother’s help.

She stated, ” “I inquired of this girl, “Do you have any more in stock?” She went to search and returned to say, “I’m sorry, but there are none.”

“At this point, he was getting irritated because he hadn’t had his reward in such a long time.”

Mollie Fishwick, a member of staff, took Emma’s information and promised to call her back soon the goods arrived, understanding the mother’s frustrations.

Emma was taken aback when she received a message on Sunday (October 10) notifying her that the cakes had been set aside for her to pick up the next morning.

Emma stated, ” “When I went to get them, there were four boxes of cakes, which I thought was fantastic, and I asked how much they cost, to which the lady replied, “They’ve been paid for.”

“I went to find Mollie to repay her and thank her, but she said no, it’s my treat, and she said all I wanted to see was Roman sat in the cart eating a cake with a big smile on her face.

“I told her she was an angel sent from heaven, and she should do that and go out of her way.”

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