After a 6-month-old child was hospitalized with many bone fractures, his parents were charged with child abuse.


After a 6-month-old child was hospitalized with many bone fractures, his parents were charged with child abuse.

Authorities in Tennessee detained a couple on suspicion of child abuse after their 6-month-old kid was admitted to the hospital with severe bone fractures, according to authorities.

The infant’s parents, Katarina Finney, 24, and Troy Hicks, 30, both of Johnson City, were arrested Tuesday on one count of aggravated child abuse and one count of aggravated child neglect, according to WJHL.

The investigation began in April, when the couple’s child was taken to the hospital with what seemed to be a fractured arm. The infant suffered four bone fractures in varying states of healing in the arm, leg, and rib areas, according to doctors.

According to the report, police questioned the child’s parents about the injuries and they were unable to provide an explanation for the fractures.

According to Johnson City Press, Washington County Chief Deputy Leighta Laitinen said, “All of the fractures were in varying states of healing, implying they most likely occurred at different dates.”

The child’s injuries were most likely caused by “non-accidental trauma,” according to the medical examiners.

On Sept. 3, a grand jury issued an indictment against the pair based on the information gathered by the investigators. They were nabbed on Tuesday, however, when appearing in court for a separate case.

Finney and Hicks are being jailed on $50,000 bonds in the Washington County Detention Center. They’ll go to court in criminal court later this year.

A Kentucky couple was charged earlier this month after their 7-month-old infant died from serious brain damage, rib fractures, and many abrasions. On Sept. 4, the parents, Cody Northern, 22, and Savannah Northern, 23, both of Berea, were indicted for the death of their infant. Initially, the pair claimed that the infant choked while sipping from a bottle.

The infant’s death, however, was caused by brain hemorrhages, spinal cord hemorrhage, and multiple rib fractures, according to an autopsy report. The baby’s head and torso were also covered with abrasions and bruises.

The infant’s mother admitted to Cody taking care of the baby the night before the event during a police investigation. She further said that when her husband is angry, he “blacks out” and loses track of what he has done.


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