After 28 years, James Bulger’s brothers speak out about their mother’s “suffering” in her eyes.


After 28 years, James Bulger’s brothers speak out about their mother’s “suffering” in her eyes.

One of the brothers of slain child James Bulger has spoken out about how his family’s tragedy has made him even more protective of his own young daughter.

Payton, Michael’s first kid, was born in 2020 to him and his partner Leanne McPadden.

Michael stated that now that he has made his mother Denise Fergus a proud grandma, he understands why she was so protective of him and James’ half-brothers Thomas, 22, and Leon, 21, after James’ murder in February 1993 sent shockwaves throughout the world.

A pensioner who raped a little girl 60 times will be sentenced to death.

Michael, who was born nine months after James was killed, took his stepfather’s surname when he was 13 years old.

“It’s not a strange sensation being James’ brother,” he told Australia’s Sixty Minutes on Sunday.

“We were always aware of who he was, what he was like, and his personality. We speak of him as if he were present. We don’t act as if he’s with us, but we do talk about him frequently.

“He’s always been a figure we’ve wanted to learn more about, and we’ve always wished he was here rather than someone who was just in the background.

“Becoming a father and witnessing the grief in my mother’s eyes has made me more protective of the baby and hold it closer than anyone else could. I always wanted to accomplish this and that as a kid, but now I see why mom was the way she was.”

Thomas Fergus told Sixty Minutes that his mother’s habit of texting every few minutes made it difficult for him to spend nights out with his pals in Liverpool.

“She didn’t want us to go anywhere,” he explained.

“Every day, James was at the back of her mind. She was well aware that it could have occurred again (to another child). When I went out with my friends into town, she would text me every five minutes, so I couldn’t really enjoy myself!”

Leon Fergus is also plagued by the brutal abduction and murder of James by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who were both ten years old when they abducted and murdered James outside Bootle’s Strand Shopping Centre.

“It’s still strange seeing James on the news,” Leon added.

“We shouldn’t be hearing about a kid being slain on the news; he should be sitting next to us.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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