After 18 months, the US travel prohibition on double-jabbed Britons will be repealed.


After 18 months, the US travel prohibition on double-jabbed Britons will be repealed.

jabbed twice President Joe Biden is expected to withdraw the Coronavirus travel ban in the coming weeks, allowing British citizens to visit the United States.

From November, all vaccinated passengers from the United Kingdom and the European Union will be eligible to enter the nation, according to the White House.

The statement comes amid Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to the United States, and it is said to have caught a lot of British officials off guard.

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Before the Covid epidemic, more than 4 million British citizens went to the United States each year, but travel restrictions have reduced this number dramatically in the last 18 months.

Tourists and business people have been kept out of the United States for a year and a half due to a blanket ban enforced by Donald Trump at the height of the outbreak.

Downing Street sources indicated the PM would make a “impassioned” pitch to the US to enable double-jabbed Britons to enter the country directly; however, many Government insiders believe the news came sooner than planned.

When President Biden visited the UK for the G7 summit in June, he promised to reduce restrictions, but his inability to do so has angered many British travelers.

Those who have taken two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are expected to be admitted into the United States, despite the fact that the vaccine is not approved for use in the country.

“Most critically, foreign nationals flying to the United States will be expected to be fully vaccinated,” said White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients.

The move is likely to be announced by the US administration later today, providing a substantial boost to the travel industry.

Though the dates for the lifting of restrictions have yet to be published, it is expected that they will be lifted in time for Thanksgiving travel around November 25.


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