Acousticians in Hong Kong show that the city has handled the virus “much better” than Britain.


But although almost all countries are affected by the global pandemic, not every region has fought the disease in the same way.

This year, the corona virus has wreaked havoc around the world, affecting communities large and small.

“Everyone in Hong Kong looks at the rest of the world and thinks ‘what the hell, what do they think?

In the last 8 months, Hong Kong has seen significantly fewer infections in England, although it is closer to the virus’ epicenter in Wuhan. It also has only 105 deaths.

ECHO spoke to three expats from Merseyside, who live in the former British colony of Hong Kong, now under the rule of the People’s Republic of China, to find out how the region has coped with the pandemic.

As a result, not all areas have reported the same rates of infection or death.

Jack Cummins from Huyton has been traveling around the world since the 1990s, but chose a small island in Hong Kong to settle there.

Although Hong Kong has not imposed a lockdown, it has made it mandatory to wear a mask in public and allows only four people to gather in public.

Apart from the fact that the bars were closed for a short time during the peak of the pandemic and major events were cancelled, restaurants, stores and most workplaces remained open.

He told ECHO that the region had coped well with the virus and that life was “rather normal”.

The 49-year-old said: “Everyone in Hong Kong is looking at the rest of the world and thinking ‘what the hell***’, ‘what do they think?

Jack added: “When we look at what’s going on in England, many people think it’s a giant conspiracy theory.

Jack added, “It seems to us that we’ve made it here, so people are not so scared.

“While we in Hong Kong think it’s bad when we get eight new cases a day, this is a really bad day.

“I think that’s just the reaction of the people, everyone is just playing the game, getting masks, getting hand sanitizers and working from home wherever they can.

“There is no question, everyone wears a mask because it is the responsible thing to do.


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