According to the papers, the date is June 10th.


According to the papers, the date is June 10th.

The latest epidemic aspects, as well as US President Joe Biden’s arrival in the UK ahead of the G7 summit, are covered in the country’s newspapers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson “casts doubt” on the June 21 lifting of lockdown restrictions, according to the i.

The Daily Mail, however, claims that increased vaccination appointments and a growing economy should persuade Mr Johnson to keep Freedom Day on track.

According to the Daily Mirror, over a fifth of the country’s pubs would close by August due to Covid limitations.

Care home operators claim that Health Secretary Matt Hancock was “repeatedly cautioned” about the dangers of not performing Covid tests on clients released from hospitals into care homes in March 2020, according to The Guardian.

The Times and Financial Times report on Joe Biden’s arrival to the G7, with the papers also claiming that the US President will question Mr Johnson on the Northern Ireland protocol.

According to The Daily Telegraph, more than 150 Oxford dons are protesting Oriel College’s decision to maintain a statue of Cecil Rhodes.

The Daily Express reports on a spat between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the BBC, which claims the Queen was “never asked” if Harry and Meghan may name their new baby Lilibet, after the monarch’s old nickname.

The trial of a youngster accused of murdering two sisters after reportedly forging a bargain with a “devil” to “sacrifice” people in order to win the lotto is being covered by Metro.

The Daily Star’s main page contains a story about Brexit trade concerns involving sausages.


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