According to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Joe Biden’s reprimand was a demand for the UK to do the “wise thing.”


According to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Joe Biden’s reprimand was a demand for the UK to do the “wise thing.”

According to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, US President Joe Biden’s scolding of the UK over Brexit talks was a demand to do the “smart thing” and overcome trade issues with the EU.

Mr. Biden has made it plain that standards alignment between the UK and the EU will not have a detrimental influence on a potential trade deal with the US, according to Micheal Martin.

When the two meet on Thursday, the Taoiseach will call Mr Biden’s planned intervention “important,” telling Boris Johnson not to let the conflict over Northern Ireland’s Brexit arrangements jeopardize the Good Friday Agreement.

“I think it’s crucial in the context of the messaging, and the clear message from President Biden and his administration that the reasonable thing to do here is to align the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States,” Mr Martin said.

“The clear message I get from President Biden is that we all share common democratic principles.

“As a result, I believe he’s saying to the UK, ‘Look, let’s do the sensible thing here.’

“Let us work out a long-term, constructive deal with the European Union on Brexit, the departure agreement, and the protocol.”

Mr Martin claimed that an SPS agreement on animal and plant inspections might eliminate the need for 80% of checks in the Irish Sea and would not jeopardize the UK’s capacity to strike other trade agreements.

‘No, that is not the case; you may do an SPS agreement and it will not have a negative influence on a trade agreement with the US,’ the US says.

“I believe what was very crucial about President Biden’s statement is that he is saying that if you do an SPS agreement, it will not negatively effect having a trade deal with the United States,” he told reporters on Thursday.

“This is critical for the United Kingdom.

“I believe they were really concerned that if they had to negotiate an SPS agreement with Europe, it would jeopardize their ability to negotiate trade accords with other nations.

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