According to Charles, climate change requires the same level of urgency as a pandemic.


According to Charles, climate change requires the same level of urgency as a pandemic.

The Prince of Wales urged G7 leaders to treat climate change with the same urgency as they treated the coronavirus pandemic with.

Charles claimed the Covid-19 outbreak has demonstrated what a “really global disaster” looks like at a reception with politicians such as Boris Johnson and Joe Biden.

He admitted, “Of course, we didn’t see Covid coming.”

“However, climate change and biodiversity loss are a global issue whose remedies have been debated and postponed for far too long.”

The fight against the pandemic, he said, was a “crystal-clear evidence of the magnitude, and shear speed, with which the global community can face crises when we combine political determination, business inventiveness, and public mobilization.”

“We are doing it for the pandemic,” the prince told the G7 leaders and a gathering of business leaders. So, if you don’t mind my saying so, we must do it for the sake of the planet.”

In his Sustainable Markets Initiative, the prince has assembled a group of more than 300 global business executives to establish a “coalition of the willing.”

He stated the business world has three “strong messages”: “First, industry and finance demand clear market signals, norms, and regulation in order to offer the necessary conditions for them to re-orient their operations and execute the requisite change more quickly.”

“Second, international financial institutions require improved methods for leveraging public funds, catalyzing private finance, and mitigating risk.

“Third, a transformative outcome will necessitate a pipeline of fully developed and truly sustainable projects, of sufficient scale and investment readiness.”

Three generations of the royal family interacted with G7 leaders at the Eden Project during the prince’s speech.

The Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were among those who attended summit events.


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