According to a vaccinations professor, Covid-19 has been a “huge wake-up call.”


According to a vaccinations professor, Covid-19 has been a “huge wake-up call.”

According to a senior scientist who has been honored by the Queen, Covid-19 has been a “huge, wake-up call.”

Professor Adrian Hill, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Vaccines, was born in Dublin and will be knighted for his achievements.

Professor Teresa Lambe, also from Ireland, will be awarded an honorary OBE for her contributions to science and public health.

They are one of seven Oxford University scientists that have been honored for their contributions to the creation of a coronavirus vaccine.

Mr Hill described the epidemic as “busy” and “stressful,” but also “rewarding” in terms of the speed with which they were able to produce a vaccine and see it rolled out to the general public.

Throughout the process, Ms Lambe said the team she worked with evolved from coworkers to family.

“To some sense, it’s been a baptism of fire, and you form very deep ties working so hard and with a shared purpose, a shared objective, genuinely wanting to get this vaccine out,” she added.

Looking ahead, Mr Hill emphasized the importance of being prepared for future breakouts.

“I believe this has served as a significant wake-up call. “Ebola was a minor wake-up call in 2014,” he remarked.

“We have a serious dilemma, because if there is another epidemic and the case fatality rate – the number of people who die – is not less than one percent, but rather 30 percent to 50 percent, as it was with Ebola, it will be catastrophic.

“Imagine what Covid would be like if half of the people affected perished. That wasn’t the case with this infection, but it’s entirely feasible that another virus will emerge, causing a major problem.

“Just look back at this century, only 21 years, and we’ve seen swine flu, other flu viruses, the first SARs virus, Zika, chikungunya, Ebola in 2014, and now Covid-19, the very major one.

“Part of the task is to try to limit the. (This is a brief piece.)


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