According to a poultry farmer, loud music from a wedding killed 63 chickens.


According to a poultry farmer, loud music from a wedding killed 63 chickens.

A guy demanded compensation after more than 60 broiler birds perished on his poultry farm, purportedly as a result of loud music from a nearby wedding. Ranjit Parida, the owner of a poultry farm in Odisha, India, alleged that the DJ’s music from the wedding reception on Sunday caused heart attacks in 63 hens.

Around 11:00 p.m., the wedding procession and DJ went past Ranjit’s farm. As the music became louder, the farm owner saw his chicks acting abnormally. According to Hindustan Times, as the procession approached his poultry farm with thunderous music and firecrackers, the birds began to leap and hiss.

Ranjit made various requests, including asking his neighbor to turn down the music. The “ear-splitting music” did not stop, and Ranjit lost 63 chickens as a result. Ranjit attempted everything he could to save the birds after they collapsed, but it was futile.

“I begged that individuals in the wedding procession decrease the noise since the loudness was too much for the 2000 broiler hens on my farm,” Ranjit added. “However, they all appeared to be inebriated and verbally assaulted me.” “The panicked chickens on my farm began scurrying around in terror, and an hour later, I discovered 63 chickens dead,” the farmer explained.

The local veterinarian informed the poultry farm owner, who had taken out a loan in 2019 to start his broiler farm, that the loud music had scared the hens and caused their death.

Professor Suryakanta Mishra, a renowned zoology professor and author of an animal behavior book, also mentioned how loud noises can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in both birds and people. “Chickens have a circadian rhythm that is controlled by the natural light/dark cycle of day and night,” according to Mishra. “As a result, chickens spend much of their time sleeping and inactive at night, especially when it’s dark. “Due to sudden excitement or stress caused by loud DJ music, their biological clock can be disrupted, resulting in death,” he noted.

Ranjit confronted his neighbors the day after the wedding and demanded compensation. According to India Today, his neighbor Ramachandra Parida declined to aid and thought the charges were ludicrous.

“How is it conceivable that the birds in his farm died due to DJ music when lakhs of hens are transported on the road every day amid blasting horns?” “Says Ramachandra.” “However, once he arrived. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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