A yob slashed and punched a married couple out for a morning walk.


A yob slashed and punched a married couple out for a morning walk.

A coked-up yob wielding a kitchen knife attacked a married couple out for an early morning walk.

When John North requested for a lighter, Kewal Singh and Surjit Kaur replied they didn’t have one and began to walk away.

The 26-year-old pulled out the blade, followed the pair, and slashed Mr Singh on the left cheek from behind.

North, who subjected the pair to nasty racist abuse, was mentally ill at the time, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

North, though, had neglected to take his medication, and his aggression was “fueled” by booze and cocaine, according to a senior judge.

Mr Singh, aged 58, and his wife used to walk down Marsh Lane in Bootle every morning, according to prosecutor Ryan Rothwell.

At around 5 a.m. on August 31, 2018, North “severely assaulted and racially abused them for no apparent reason,” he alleged.

When Mr Singh realized North was following them and turned to look around, “his face was cut with a knife behind his left eye.”

“He was bleeding and fell on the floor,” the prosecutor stated.

“As he struggled to regain his balance, he watched the defendant pick up a knife from the ground.

“He attempted to phone the police, but the defendant had removed his clothes and continued the assault, punching Mr Singh in the face repeatedly despite his attempts to defend himself.”

North “made it clear it was racially motivated,” according to Mr Rothwell, “repeatedly referring to the pair using the epithet ‘P***’.”

When they tried to call the cops, he yelled “no phone,” and the couple tried to flag down passing automobiles, but none came to a halt.

When North went after Mr Singh again, his wife interfered, and the thug struck and shoved her to the ground.

North was under the influence of something, according to the couple, “because of the stench emitting from him.”

Both victims reported the attack as “frenzied,” during which North appeared to be hunting for another weapon, “including attempting many times in vain to grab a brick out of a wall,” according to Mr Rothwell.

“Summary ends.” They eventually reached their daughter, who informed authorities, before officers came and discovered the injured victims.


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