A woman was raped in a Mississippi mall bathroom, and her husband apprehended the perpetrator.


A woman was raped in a Mississippi mall bathroom, and her husband apprehended the perpetrator.

In a frightening occurrence, a woman vacationing in South Mississippi with her husband and child was allegedly raped and violently abused inside a mall restroom stall.

The suspect attempted to run with the victim’s purse after committing the crime, but was arrested by the woman’s husband and others before being given over to the police, according to detectives.

On Monday evening, the incident occurred. According to WBTV, the accused, 28-year-old Andrew Malik Jones, was waiting inside the Gulfport Premium Outlets restroom when the unsuspecting woman stepped in around 6.43 p.m.

Jones allegedly pulled the victim into the cubicle before physically attacking and rapping her. After snatching her pocketbook, he attempted to depart the scene. The culprit attempted to flee by sprinting through the parking lot toward I-10, but was apprehended by the victim’s husband and others. They kept him in custody until the cops arrived.

The woman’s husband told WLOX that the assault left her with major physical injuries, including a fractured skull. She was taken to a hospital in New Orleans for treatment.

The couple, who were originally from Oklahoma, were spending the holidays with their small child on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Jones’ employment status at the mall and the reason for his presence at the time of the event are unknown. He is now facing robbery and sexual battery accusations.

Jones is being kept in the Harrison County Jail for his first court appearance. A bail of $500,000 has been imposed for each charge.

Sexual harassment and other types of sexual abuse in public areas, according to UN Women, are a daily occurrence for women and girls all over the world. In the United States, there have been several incidences of sexual assault in public restrooms.

A woman was raped in a Macy’s store in Philadelphia’s Center City in February. According to the police, the suspect concealed for over 20 minutes inside a bathroom stall near the one where the 55-year-old victim had entered. He leaped over the stall into hers after she went inside and viciously rapped her. The culprit fled the store after the assault.

In 2019, an Oklahoma guy slipped into a McDonald’s toilet and raped a 4-year-old girl who was there for a daycare field trip, according to reports.


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