A woman is perplexed by the pulsating lights in the sky.


A woman is perplexed by the pulsating lights in the sky.

‘Bizarre’ lights noticed in the sky above Wirral perplexed a woman.

Laura Lindo, who works evenings, told The Washington Newsday that the pulsating glow has been illuminating the sky for months, and that it is getting stronger.

The 39-year-old security guard from Anfield said: “I first spotted it in June, and it can occasionally be so bright that it illuminates the entire sky.

Mum discovered her daughter on a bloody pillow and was unable to wake her “I work at Old Swan, near the police station that used to be a fruit and vegetable market.

“Because of the distance, I can only assume the light is coming from Wirral.

“I’m just stumped as to what it is or could be. It’s been going on for a long time.” The light against the backdrop of the night sky can be seen in Linda’s film.

Strange lights have been seen in the sky over Merseyside on several occasions.

Witnesses uploaded photographs and videos of weird lights zipping overhead back in June.

The circular lights, which moved fast across the sky, have been observed in a number of locations around Wirral, including Huyton, Aigburth, Allerton, and Halewood.

After seeing the lights, a woman in Moreton, Wirral, took a video and submitted them to The Washington Newsday.

She said the odd lights flashed across the clouds for around 10 minutes and questioned if they were coming from the MSC Virtuosa cruise liner, which was docked in Liverpool overnight.

In September, many people reported “spectacular” lights in the sky above Merseyside, including a brilliant object that appeared to hover for several minutes before fading.

Stockbridge Village resident Peter Forrest, 49, told The Washington Newsday: “It simply remained still. We noticed it and returned inside to fetch the phone.

“But it just remained still, which was strange. Strange to say the least.”


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