A woman criticizes the ‘abysmal’ customer service at a spa that abruptly shuttered.


A woman criticizes the ‘abysmal’ customer service at a spa that abruptly shuttered.

After her pamper treatments at a recently closed spa were canceled, an emergency services worker alleges she experienced “abysmal” customer care.

Sue Mckean alleges she spent £138 for four treatments and a light lunch for her and a companion at Carnatic Spa in Mossley Hill using a Groupon deal.

Ms Mckean, on the other hand, alleges she tried for months to reach the spa via phone and email, only to have her reservation canceled when the company went out of business.

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The 38-year-old from Lancashire purchased the treatments on June 28 but claims she was unable to schedule an appointment because she was unable to contact them.

She was able to secure a reservation for November 26th, but was informed just days before that the company had ceased operations.

Carnatic Spa originally informed Ms Mckean that the spa was closed due to “serious and tragic family problems,” according to email obtained by The Washington Newsday.

The family is “undergoing legal actions,” according to the spa’s most recent email to Ms Mckean, dated November 23.

“If it’s family concerns, then it must be dreadful,” Ms Mckean told The Washington Newsday, “but the email was framed that we’d have to speak to Groupon for an alternative, but what is the option?”

We don’t have a choice because the money has gone to the spa, thus we don’t have one.

“It was just’speak to them,’ with no explanation.”

Ms Mckean inquired for a refund and was sent to Groupon’s customer support department.

“It’s a little upsetting when you get a gift like that and you’re looking forward to it,” she added.

“Even if they had been open and I had gone on Friday, I was thinking the customer service was dreadful.”

“You’re kind of stuck with Groupon offerings since Groupon is the intermediary, so who do you actually contact?”

I’ve been trying to schedule this November appointment since June, but they’ve never responded to my emails in less than three weeks.

“My discount expired in September, but they claimed they’d honor it because they’d accepted so many reservations, so they put me in for this one.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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