A video shows a gang of thieves stealing from a small business during a crime wave in the Bay Area.


A video shows a gang of thieves stealing from a small business during a crime wave in the Bay Area.

In CCTV footage released Tuesday by authorities in Oakland, California, more than two dozen people were seen storming into a clothes store and taking products from shelves.

The video, which authorities say was taken on Monday evening, is just one example of the recent spate of thefts that have rocked Bay Area retailers.

On Tuesday evening, the Oakland Police Department posted a 38-second sample of the security footage to its Twitter page. Police have asking members of the public who have information about the incident or any of the people involved to come forward and share it with them.

We’re trying to figure out who was engaged in the break-in yesterday night. Please call 510-238-3728 if you have any information about this occurrence. https://t.co/4crteCF3SI @oaklandpoliceca — Oakland Police Department (@oaklandpoliceca) 24 November 2021 A steady stream of individuals can be seen running inside the business through a single door in the footage. The group appears to push through a security gate visible from the street. While an alarm is sounding in the background, the individuals are seen wearing hoods, masks, and gloves as they grab shoes, clothing, and other stuff from shelves.

KTVU, an Oakland-based news station, identified the store as Prime 356. According to the store’s website, it is “a curated showroom of premium streetwear, shoes, and accessories,” with products “unlikely to be found anywhere else” in the Bay Area.

The three co-owners of Prime 356 told KTVU on Tuesday that the thieves damaged windows and opened the store’s security gate. The owners estimate that around 75% of their merchandise was stolen, and that a second break-in occurred earlier this month. The proprietors, however, do not believe Monday night’s break-in was carried out by the same burglars who were responsible for the first crime, according to the station.

Following the break-in this week, the store’s owners established a GoFundMe page on Tuesday, which included a screenshot showing the mob surging into the store, which was obtained from the same security footage that Oakland police posted on social media. On the page, there was also a link to a YouTube video of security footage.

The fundraising goal had been set at $10,000, and it had been met halfway. This is a condensed version of the information.


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