A Victorian-style railway terminus is being built on the beachfront.


A Victorian-style railway terminus is being built on the beachfront.

Under proposals to reconstruct the derelict miniature railway terminus on Marine Parade, Southport’s seafront might soon feature a new ice cream shop and cafe.

The platforms and tracks near Southport Pier will be refurbished, and two new Victorian-style buildings would be built on the site of the former terminal, according to plans filed to Sefton Council.

In 2010, the former terminal building was totally renovated, but it was demolished in 2019, leaving the site abandoned.

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Southport Pleasureland, which also runs the train, will operate an ice cream parlour in one of the buildings and a cafe offering fish and chips in the other.

Pleasureland stated in its proposal that the reconstruction will benefit the Marine Parade station, which is located on the prominent corner of Marine Parade and Marine Drive. The project provides the Lakeside Railway with a suitable entrance from Marine Parade, enhancing Southport’s leisure offering and creating jobs.

“In addition, the Victorian architecture and smartly constructed volume link the site to the recently rebuilt Southport Pier shelter.”

The renovated station is Southport Pleasureland’s second proposal in recent weeks, following proposals for an observation wheel and bistro in Princes Park on the site of a decommissioned public toilet.

Both projects have been advertised as adding to the town’s tourism attractions, but they also aim to capitalize on the predicted increase in visitor numbers as a result of major investment in Southport through the government’s Towns Fund.

The fund has allocated £37.5 million to Southport, with the majority of the money going toward a new events center on Marine Lake to replace the now-defunct Southport Theatre and Convention Centre.

The council expects that the investment would bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to Southport each year, increasing revenue for hotels, bars, and restaurants, as well as attractions like Pleasureland.

By September 10, Sefton Council expected to make a decision on the designs for a new miniature train terminus.


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