A veterinarian explains whether dogs are susceptible to the severe cold that is presently afflicting people.


A veterinarian explains whether dogs are susceptible to the severe cold that is presently afflicting people.

The common cold this year has been named the “worst lurgy ever.”

Dr Helen Wall, a GP in Manchester, told the Manchester Evening News that the common cold’s ‘year off’ may have given way to’more virulent strains,’ and that this year’s virus is likely to be a ‘worse version of what we’ve experienced previously.’

All of this may have you wondering if my dog can catch it as well.

Dr. Justine Shotton, head of the British Veterinary Association, told TeamDogs that pet owners shouldn’t be concerned because a dog can’t catch the common cold.

“The normal viral cold that a human would have with a fever isn’t really observed in dogs in the same manner,” Dr Shotton explained. Kennel cough is the most frequent respiratory illness that a dog can acquire.” Some viruses don’t affect particular animals, she continued, because viral bugs adapt to different species in different ways. Humans and primates are the primary hosts of cold viruses.

“There could be other bugs that afflict dogs that we’re simply not aware of since it’s so mild,” she said, “but you don’t see runny noses or fevers in dogs very often.”

You might mistake your dog’s sneezing or coughing for cold symptoms, but there are a variety of reasons why they might be doing so.

“Dogs might start sneezing very quickly and rather vigorously,” Dr. Shotton explained, “and sometimes that means they’ve ingested something or there’s something lodged up their nose, like grass or a grass seed.”

“Take your dog to the doctor, especially if your dog is sneezing a lot; they could need a proper scope up the nose to see what’s up there.”

“Heart issues are something that we frequently associate with coughing.

“So, if your dog looks a little slower on walks or develops a cough out of nowhere, it could be due to some fluid that has built up on the lungs due to a cardiac disease.”

Your dog could be coughing due to bronchitis or kennel cough, which is the most common cause, according to Dr. Shotton.

“Kennel cough causes dogs to have an extremely dry, retching cough, almost to the point of death,” she explained.”

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