A thirsty buffalo pumps a tube well to get some water in a viral video.


A thirsty buffalo pumps a tube well to get some water in a viral video.

A recent video showing a buffalo using its horns to pump water from a tube well appears to have persuaded internet users that intelligence is an animal trait as well as a human quality.

The video, which was published on Twitter by Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Dipanshu Kabra, had received over 200,000 views as of Wednesday. For the video’s caption, Kabra used a Hindi proverb that roughly translates to “intellect outshines physical power.” This buffalo, on the other hand, showed that it could use both its intelligence and its brawn.

It is unknown where the video was shot in the country.

Many Twitter users were amused by the video, and jokes flooded the comments area.

“Sir, I’m afraid I can’t comment on that. However, it appears to be an excellent illustration of Aatma Nirbharta, or self-reliance “a user said.

“Conditions and situations make anything possible,” stated another commenter.

Another user remarked, “In this situation, both…” in reference to the animal’s use of both brains and physical power. Another said, “Talented Buffalo.”

Some users, on the other hand, took the film more seriously, criticizing the government for depriving animals of natural wetlands.

“Rather, why natural or manmade wetlands are (not) available to them..why do they need to do this sh*t,” the comment said. This comment was responded to by another user, who said, “Such a pitiful state of the handpump… This is how rural India manages to stay afloat…. Sir, there is still a lot of room for development.” Overfishing, agriculture, deforestation, imported species, climate change, water drainage, land encroachment, and urban expansion have all contributed to the disappearance of India’s 27,403 wetlands.

The government is working to safeguard the country’s wetlands, which are important for both agricultural development and wildlife protection.

Aside from safeguarding existing wetlands, leading conservation organizations are working to create new ones.

A video of a newborn elephant pumping water with its trunk went viral on social media a few days ago. The video, which was shot in Jaldapara, West Bengal, India, went viral due to the animal’s wonderful act. The elephant was only 9 months old, according to reports.


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