A terrified shopkeeper is terrorized by thugs who turn his life into a “living nightmare.”


A terrified shopkeeper is terrorized by thugs who turn his life into a “living nightmare.”

Every day, a local shopkeeper is subjected to yob harassment, and he has spoken out about it.

After a dispersal order was issued, residents and businesses in Huyton Village are anxiously hoping for change.

A local newsagent, who did not want to be identified, told The Washington Newsday that he had suffered considerably at the hands of these thugs in recent months.

A man has died as a result of the Queensway tunnel collapse.

He claimed he is often afraid and apprehensive about what he may face next, from smashing windows with rocks to tossing eggs inside the store.

He adds, after working there for two years: “Kids are an issue all around town. Over the previous two months, we’ve seen everything: kids withdrawing knives from their pockets, carrying pipes, and hiding their faces.

“Huyton is a complete jerk. They’re quite young, and when you go close enough, you can see them fighting on the street.

“It’s a disaster. We have filed complaints with the city council and the police department. The cops were just out, and they’re well aware of the issues we’re dealing with.

“This month, we’ve had rocks thrown at our windows, confetti bombs thrown at our windows, eggs thrown at our windows, and even eggs thrown into the shop; it’s been a nightmare.

“It’s a problem every day; this place is simply terrible. I’ve been working here for the past two years, and things are just getting worse. Particularly from 6 to 8 p.m.

“The older people are fine; it’s the children that are the issue. It can make you feel frightened and apprehensive at times.” As a result of the increase in events, authorities stated they were enacting dispersal zones to combat criminal behavior.

The Huyton Village dispersal order went into effect at 3 p.m. on October 20 and will be in effect until 2.59 p.m. on Friday, when it will be ‘further examined.’

After reports of groups of youngsters congregating in the area, some of whom have been involved in violence and criminal damage, police officers will be visible in the area.

We went for a trip around the village and talked to locals about their problems and opinions.

“It is an issue, but not too much,” one shopper said.

The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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