‘A somber day for the city,’ as memorials to Ava White, who was slain in the city attack, are left.


‘A somber day for the city,’ as memorials to Ava White, who was slain in the city attack, are left.

A 12-year-old girl was killed in a city center incident last night, and tributes have been paid to her.

Following the altercation on Church Street, Ava White died from ‘catastrophic injuries.’

Since then, a murder investigation has been opened, and four youths, one 13, two 14, and one 15, have all been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Children have been ‘traumatized’ after witnessing a fatal attack on a 12-year-old girl in the city center.

After the catastrophe that stunned the region, Washington Newsday readers have banded together in their grief.

Mandy Roberts expressed her thoughts as follows: “What a pity. 12 year old sorry to hear this, RIP hunny, sending love to all your family.” Ruth Wilson expressed herself as follows: “What a sad young kid. Her family is impoverished. Her poor mother has most likely already purchased Christmas gifts for her.

“I didn’t know you, Ava, but you’re a sweet little angel.”

Anna Louise Pierce expressed her thoughts as follows: “This is a harsh world we live in.

“Hold your loved one close to you, mums, dads, nannies, grandads, sisters, and brothers, because you never know when this may be one of us.

“I’m thinking of Ava’s family during this difficult time.”

Liam Cronin went on to say: “The city is having a gloomy day. A 12-year-old girl went out the day before yesterday and never returned.

“She didn’t deserve to die, no matter what the circumstances were. At this terrible time, our thoughts are with her family.

“If someone knows or has seen anything, even the tiniest bit of information could be useful. Speak up and assist in the pursuit of justice.” Officers were dispatched to an allegation of an assault at 8:39 p.m.

When cops arrived, they discovered Ava, who had been with friends, had slumped on the ground and was receiving first aid from a member of the public who had observed the occurrence.

Ava was rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital by paramedics, but she unfortunately died a short time later despite medical staff’s best efforts.

Maria Santini expressed her thoughts as follows: “This is heartbreaking information. I can’t even picture what her poor family is going through. Little angel, get some rest.” Delia Burke expressed herself as follows: “I found out about this news around half-past seven this morning, and I’ve been sick to my stomach ever since. My heart breaks for her and her family’s plight.” “I can’t believe it,” Helen Preston added. The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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