A single mom planning a ‘Boston wedding’ with a friend has sparked an online debate.


A single mom planning a ‘Boston wedding’ with a friend has sparked an online debate.

Although “Boston marriages” aren’t as widespread as they once were, a popular online article has sparked debate about the arrangement after two mothers considered combining their families.

A single mom disclosed her probable plans to form a “Boston marriage” with a longtime friend and fellow mom on the popular community site Mumsnet. “Two women living together as a household, or even a family unit, but without the underlying romantic/sexual bond,” the poster characterized a “Boston marriage” for her. In the second half of the nineteenth century, Boston marriages were popularized as a concept, with many college-educated and financially independent women from New England opting to live with and commit to one another rather than a man. Despite the fact that the nature of these relationships was contested, with speculations that many were lesbian, the premise was that they were just platonic.

“We used to flat-share during our college years, and then were frequently on-off couch surfing at each other’s apartments for a few of weeks at a time, and merely joked that it was the healthiest and most joyful cohabitation experience each of us had (including our marriages),” the mother added.

“We are both single mothers who work full-time, have children of similar ages, and are terrific friends. We’re both broke because of housing and childcare expenditures, and we’re both lonely “She went on to say that neither of them wants to remarry or live with a man until their kids are older.

They are both homeowners, according to the mother, but she plans to move into her house and rent it out to her friends. Every child would have their own room, and they would both be paid “professionally.” Despite the fact that they had not yet worked out the financial details, they agreed to split incoming and outgoing expenses.

Boston marriages aren’t as common as they once were, but loneliness is one of the main reasons. “Loneliness and isolation play a major role in all of this. Especially in the aftermath of lockdowns, “penned the mother

According to the Making Caring Common survey done by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in October 2020, 51 percent of mothers with small children experience “severe loneliness.” Women have also been found in other studies. This is a condensed version of the information.


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