A repairman discovered a ‘bubbly’ young mother deceased at her house.


A repairman discovered a ‘bubbly’ young mother deceased at her house.

When a repairman came to fix a broken lock, he discovered a “bubbly” young mother dead in her house.

Kelly Hunter, 29, committed suicide after a long battle with depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol abuse, according to an inquest.

Kelly, of Tuebrook’s August Road, had previously informed her mother that she “didn’t want to be here” and that she had self-harmed, leaving her family desperate for her to seek assistance.

However, her brother, Robert Hunter, claimed that their counsel was ignored, and that the last time he saw his sister, they had a fight about her needing assistance, according to The Washington Newsday.

“She had a lot of mental health concerns; she wasn’t happy for a few years,” he told the court.

Kelly did not look open to receiving help and would not always take her anxiety and depression medication as prescribed, according to an inquest conducted today at the Gerard Majella Courthouse in Kirkdale.

Kelly was described as a “bubbly” individual by both Robert and his mother Susan Paton following the hearing.

“I last saw her about 10 days ago, the last thing we had was a bit of a fight, and I was trying to convince her to seek help,” Robert explained.

“She listened, but as soon as she stepped out the door, it was gone, that was Kelly.”

Susan stated her daughter “liked being around people” and had a large social circle, as well as “loving being a mother” to her two sons.

She had previously worked at a New Look outlet in Belle Vale and had completed a hairdressing course when she was younger, despite the fact that she was unemployed at the time of her death.

“When she was around 17, I would say that was when I saw her the happiest,” Robert remarked. It’s difficult for me to pinpoint when things changed.

“But later on, when she came to see us, she would come in joyful and say she was OK. Except for the time she told my mother, she kept it hidden.”

Merseyside Police were summoned to her home on April 27 this year, according to the inquest. “The summary has come to an end.”


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