A prisoner who stabbed a man with a kitchen knife was discovered hiding 19 phones in his cell.


A prisoner who stabbed a man with a kitchen knife was discovered hiding 19 phones in his cell.

A prisoner was discovered with a stockpile of 19 cellphones stashed inside a radio in his cell.

While incarcerated at Altcourse, Jay Maugham had a charger for each of the devices as well as a single SIM card.

The prohibited materials were discovered when the 41-year-old was doing time for a knife attack on his partner’s ex-husband that nearly killed him.

In barely two hours and 23 minutes, jurors find a killer guilty.

In April of this year, prison officers searched Maugham’s cell and discovered a screw bit.

This raised even more suspicion, prompting guards to dismantle everything found inside his cell, including his radio’s battery box.

“Prison authorities examined his cell, a cell alone occupied by him, and they found a radio with these materials,” prosecutor Simon Duncan said.

“He claimed he discovered the radio among some dumpsters,” he said.

There were 18 Zanco phones and an iPhone inside, which are small gadgets that are frequently smuggled into jails due to their ease of concealment.

There were also charging cables for each of the phones, as well as a Vodafone SIM card.

Maugham, according to Mr Duncan, refused to take part in an interview.

Defending attorney Ben Berkson claimed that his client was only a “custodian” of the contraband and would not have been responsible for the phones’ dissemination.

Maugham, he said, regretted his conduct and “thought there would be consequences” if he didn’t put them away.

“Essentially, it was folks he didn’t want to say no to,” Mr Berkson explained.

The father of five and grandfather of three, according to Liverpool Crown Court, was a mentor for a joinery programme at HMP Berwyn, where he is now imprisoned.

Maugham was in prison after pleading guilty to injuring with intent and receiving a 10-and-a-half-year sentence in April 2018.

That case revolved around the stabbing of his partner’s ex-husband in Crewe.

When the ex-husband arrived at the couple’s home, the two men got into a fight, with Maugham slashing his victim in the chest with a kitchen knife.

His victim would have bled to death if he hadn’t been treated, according to Chester Crown Court.

Maugham, who was from Oldham at the time, then fled the scene.

In his police department. “The summary has come to an end.”


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