A pregnant mother who “loved life” and “lived for her son” passes away unexpectedly.


A pregnant mother who “loved life” and “lived for her son” passes away unexpectedly.

A pregnant mother who “loved life” and “lived for her kid” died unexpectedly in Marbella, provoking an outpouring of condolences.

Kelsey Brown, a Liverpool native who had emigrated to Spain with her small family, died on July 21.

The hairdresser was pregnant with her second child at the time of her death, and her family, friends, and former coworkers have been horrified by the news.

After declining to pick up an unlawful fee, a taxi driver was racially harassed.

Robyn’s Makeover Studio on Aigburth Road paid tribute to her on Instagram with the following message: “Words cannot convey how we are feeling tonight.”

“You left us for your happy ending, Kelsey. Your entire life had revolved around your small family.

“We’re devastated. You, Jodie, April, Hannah, Carly, and Sophie all came to work in my business, and we formed our own small circle of sisters.

“In the group chat, we used to bicker and mock each other and lecture April every day. ‘What are we eating today?’ was our daily mantra.

“You were always upbeat, always cheerful, always enthusiastic about life. Harrison was your life.

“More than anything else, that is what kills us.

“We’ll all pitch in to look after him and make sure he never forgets your bright smile and how you just wanted to have a good time in life.”

“Sleep soundly, our lovely baby, and your angel; we are terribly lost without you.”

Kelsey “liked nothing more than to laugh,” according to April, a friend and former colleague.

“How we were just sitting here four weeks ago having a beach day with you and bump is beyond me,” Aprilsmakeup said on Instagram.

“You enjoyed nothing more than a good laugh, and everything revolved around having a good time.

“I’ll always treasure your wise comments and our relationship, Kels. I’m really glad work brought us together as friends since we have a closeness that is difficult to define.

“I can’t even write rest in peace because you should still be here; I’ll love you forever and see you in my dreams,” she says.

Sophie Cowan, a friend and fellow hairdresser, replied, “Kels, where do I begin?” You have crushed our hearts totally, and I can’t begin to express how distraught I am.

“It’s hard to believe you were so happy to meet your kid on Tuesday morning, and now it’s like.”

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